We offer only the highest quality SAT and ACT test preparation services.



TestFit Membership 

Unlimited classes for $199/month.

High-quality test preparation at a reasonable price, at your own pace and schedule.

Plus review classes for AP tests, SAT 2 Subject tests, and final exams.

Guaranteed score increases if you attend the requisite classes.

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Private Tutoring

The most effective and flexible method of test preparation. Fully customized sessions, targeting exactly what you need, using the most powerful teaching methods anywhere. We'll match you with the perfect tutor. Available in Durham, Raleigh, or on Skype -- anywhere in the world.

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Mock Tests

Mock tests are an integral aspect of comprehensive test preparation. With a TestFit Membership or private tutoring, take them free in our Durham or Raleigh locations as many times as you want. Otherwise, cost is $20 per test. All mock tests include a detailed score report pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses.

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