We believe test preparation is a critical opportunity to hone core academic skills. We develop meaningful relationships with our students, families, and school partnerships. We strive to grow with our students through effort, reflection, and connection.



Private Tutoring

The most effective and flexible method of test preparation. Fully customized sessions, targeting exactly what you need, using the most powerful teaching methods anywhere. We'll match you with the perfect tutor. Available in Durham, Raleigh, or on Skype -- anywhere in the world.

We are very confident in our process. Private tutoring packages of 20 or 30 hours all come with guaranteed score increases of 2-5 points on the ACT, or 150-250 points on the SAT, depending on number of hours and the experience level of your tutor. 

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Mock Tests

Mock tests are an integral aspect of comprehensive test preparation. With class enrollment or private tutoring, take them free in our Durham or Raleigh locations as many times as you want. Otherwise, cost is $20 per test. All mock tests include a detailed score report pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses.

Mock Tests

Mock test diagnostic package: Take a mock SAT and ACT and then follow-up with a 30 minute consultation with one of our expert tutors to help you decide which test to take. Cost for the diagnostic package is $60, which is applied as credit toward tuition in a class or private tutoring.




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We offer 4 "workout" classes each week: 2 on Tuesdays and 2 on Saturdays. Workout classes are opportunities for students to practice timed sections on the SAT and ACT, and then receive expert feedback immediately. Cost for a 90 minute workout session is $35.


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We offer structured, small-group classes for the SAT and ACT. Class sizes are small: maximum of 9 students in any class. Our 18-hour SAT and ACT courses cover all aspects of the test in depth, and also include 4 simulated tests with detailed score analysis. Our teachers are highly experienced test-prep experts who love connecting with their students and helping them achieve their best. Classes are held in our Durham and Raleigh locations, though we can also host a custom class at your school or organization (call us for more information). See our schedule of classes here.